Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to push initial version of code to bitbucket using github for windows.

I am posting this mostly for my self, so it will be brief.

Github for Windows is configured to push GIT to Github.  However I'm using it as interface for bitbucket, as of right now it's the best client I found for Windows Vista.

  1. Create initial version of code, or whatever you'd like to check in.
  2. From Start->Programs->Github, Inc ->Gitshell
  3. cd <folder where code is>
  4. git init
  5. Open Github for Windows, and drag folder from explorer into it
  6. Check in using Githut for Windows
  7. git remote set-url origin <link reported by bitbucket> (their instructions give different command, but it does not work, they give: git remote add origin <link>)
  8. git push -u origin --all
  9. git push  -u origin -- tags (I believe this isn't necessary)
That is it.

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